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Submissions (24)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Apple Apple by Victor Angelo at Lexington and Park Avenue in Manhattan
Tags: apple new york
victorangelo Painting
Apple a Day Try to guess which languages those words are written in
FraserMc Computer Graphics
Apple Blossom Taking a walk with mommy after dinner, this little girl has brought a sweet surprise for her new found friend... An juicy red apple! She reaches as high as she can, but just can't reach over the fence. But Apple Blossom knows what to do!
peanutbutterkidz Painting, Acrylic
apple of my eye a girl sitting on an apple
touchofgold Computer Graphics
Apple Trees in the Summer Monoprint Image. Created by oil painting on glass then printed on paper.
Baby pineapple
kwessy Photography, Colour
Beanstalk Apple Tree This watercolour painting was created during the summer of 1994, while I attended a Summer Arts Camp - at The McMichael Art Gallery.
jenergy Painting
Dappled Autumn sunlight textures trunks and canopy Looking up into the branches of two large trees in the University of Bristol Botanic Garden, Bristol, England in Autumn 2001
shaunnixonuk Photography, Colour
kissinleeps im friendly,down to earth and always striving to bring something good out of people.
Tags: apple, red, fruit
nana-aisha Ink, Pen
My dog eating an apple my dog eating an apple :)
urssulasss Photography, Colour