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Youth development in Saudi Arabia Focus in the direction of young people and their view of development

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Arabian Prisoner change your life fight for your life dont share in makeing yourself an arabian prisoner
Tags: what is it
MarwaAdel Mixed Media
Sleeping arabs... Lots of events,massacres,disasters happening around us in the Arab world...and it's always that scary silence....
yarinos Cartoons
Arabian Woman - Home Arabian Woman.. The mother of our ancestors and our grandparents, the best example for a woman who sacrificed for her family. She used to live in the hot deserts. She had to have the same food for her meals. She lived among wolves and scorpions. She had to take care of herself, her children and her husband, and she had to milk the camels, cook...
xHindx Drawing, Pencil
The Arab Culture Even within this one arab culture, there are a lot of differencies, a lot of faces... If only we got to understand those differencies, and see their beauty... We'd have a strong entity, and forget about our quarrels...
yarinos Cartoons
Arab's Characters
Drawing, Crayon
arabic letter l'impact sur le métiers de la formation
costa Mixed Media
Ad-Du'aliy, Founder of Arabic Grammar Abul-Aswad Ad-Du'aliy is the founder of "Nahw" or Arabic Grammar. He set up Arabic punctuation, including letter movements "Tahkeel" and added points to differentiate between similar old letters. He lived in Al-Kufa, now in Iraq, by the time of the Caliphate of 'Aliy Ibn Abi-Talib. This cartoon was published for me in fall 2004, by the "Caravan"...
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Arab-Islamic Historical Characters This cartoon is intended to summarize a significant portion of Arab-Islamic history, by highlighting some of the important historical characters such as Zenobia of Palmyra, Al Hassan As-Sabbah, Ibn An-Nafis, Al-Jahiz, Ad-Du'aliy, Al-Khwarizmiy, Al-Maymuniy, Ibn Al-Haytham, Ibn-Rushd (Averroes),and Selim III. This cartoon was published for me in...
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Vegetation in 'Arab-Abu-Sa'ed Agricultural plains, 40 kms south of Cairo, Nov. 2006.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Village of 'Arab-Abu-Sa'ed An overview of the village from the top of a bridge "during construction". This area is a typical rural Egyptian region. The cow flock scene has not changed since the time of ancient Egypt! 40 Kms south of Cairo-Nov. 2006.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour