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Submissions (9)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
jsato Photography, Black and White
Argentina Natural Argentina
patch Drawing, Pastel
Argentina No. 2
jsato Photography, Black and White
El PAdelai Va Pintado, Sinvergüenza en Ñ de Clarín Durante la muestra Intervenciones urbanas Iberoamericanas, hablan Jazz, Sego, El Tono y Damita Dinamita
Tags: cceba, padelai, sinvergüenza, intervenciones, urbanas, iberoamericanas, el, tono, damita, dinamita, sego, mexico, argentina, buenos, aires, san, telmo
Pyrotaurus Photography, Colour
Obelisco my beautiful city
Tags: Puerta18, argentina, obelisco
ErikSuca Collage
Paraguay-Argentina Trabajo realizado por adolescentes y jóvenes en los talleres sobre Identidad y Cultura realizados en la Villa 21-24 de Buenos Aires en el marco del proyecto Voces Jóvenes
damianprofeta Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Colour of love Artist(s): Florencia Catoria Organization: Guildford School of Languages / La Voz de los Jovenes This project wants to show and sensitize through a tender image, a different and real vision about what animals generates on us, and avoid the animal abuse.
Tags: abuse, abuso, animal law protection, animal rights, apa la plata, argentina, asociación protectora de animales, boicott, boycott, derechos de los animales, dogs, la plata, ley 14346, ley de protección animal, luna, maltrato de animales, marcha, opiva, perros, plaza italia, puro gato puro perro, zeta
ayv Photography, Colour
The way to Cachi picture of the road that takes to Cachi, small town in Salta, Argentina
Tags: salta, argentina, landscape, nature, peace
ivanbigas Photography, Black and White
Weddell Seal The Weddell Seals' habitat is disappearing as glaciers melt due to global warming. This is a problem for many antarctic species. The purpose of my work is to show how these animals are affected by our actions thus encouraging people to be more conscious about what they do.
Tags: argentina, Melting Glaciars, global warming, Habitat Destruction, nature, climate change, biodiversity loss, environment, sustainability, ecofriendly, #savetheplanet, earth, sustainable, Decarbonize, SDG, sustainable living, climate action, ocean, pollution, reuse, art, conservation, wildlife
milena-amaro Drawing, Pencil