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Peace Arts Exchange Project Peace Arts Exchange Project is the series of events which will be held annually by Mekongaholics every October and January to encourage the development of a children-centered sustainable social platform under the core theme “ASEAN Cultural Exchange through Puppets and Folktales” and its technique approach as "Exploration of Cultural...
Unbeatable Pricing & parts On-Site Garage Door Repair Los Angeles Unbeatable Pricing & parts On-Site Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B&H Garage Door Repair Los Angeles 342 Hauser Blvd #135 Los Angeles 90036 (424)230-7018 Garage Door repair Los Angeles Garage door repair Encino Gate repair Los Angeles Garage door repair Sherman Oaks Garage Door Repair Santa Monica #LosAngeles #Encino #garagedoors...
Von King Cultural Arts Center
NYC Food Carts by PS229Q
ARCfest: Human Rights Arts Festival Face in the Crowd Collective is excited to host ARCfest
Jarra McGrath - Computer Arts, 1998 - 2000 Early Exhibit: Examples of digital manipulations and CG creations for both work and play.

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Peace in People's Hearts
Hope Starts With A Single Plant The drawing displays how the government holds the Earth and how it helps in starting the first plant towards the fight on global warming. A SMALL plant can make a BIG difference.
ahmagelmauleen Computer Graphics
friendship arts
ashroffali Drawing, Chalk
Vietnamese Contemporary Arts The old man
batmanbegins Painting, Acrylic
Ice Cream and Hearts Teenage girl doodles...
bobbiemck Mixed Media
Floating Hearts Our poem explains the pain of this mother and baby penguin, who are drifting and drowning as the glaciers melt away under their feet. A mother Penguin and a baby penguin Are drifting apart... And so are their hearts. We must save the planet To save their life. It doesn’t cost a dime To fight this crime. Two wrongs don’t make a right, Penguins...
Tags: environment, climate change, ocean awareness, global warming, Suncity School
clannapurna Painting, Acrylic
Change starts with oneself Change begins from within
Tags: ayv bonaire
dmartinus Computer Graphics
parts of different animals
eena Mixed Media
musical hearts This is an image I composed as a tribute to the way I feel about Amanda's music... she's one of my favorite's.
Gemini Photography, Digitally Manipulated
gorCreativearts Computer Graphics