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Submissions (46)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Questionable Reason One man's trash, is another woman's treasure- captured.
Alycia Photography, Black and White
Mason's shoes The shoes rest on the wall that the mason has half finished. They have small dwellings, but for others they can make large villas, and tall buildings. Isn't there hardwork enough to give them their respect?
awaqeel Photography, Colour
Ayasofya-İstanbul reprodüksiyon..80x90 cm yağlıboya tablo
benbay Painting, Oil
Jason from Merritt, BC.
Bonhomme Photography, Black and White
Voting Season A view from the front porch of my in-laws house. This was voting season and painting the politicians advertisements on brick walls was quite normal.
ckelleher Photography, Colour
El girasol cubano La creación representa el girasol en un ambiente sano
danielbb Sculpture
Donohue20 Ink, Pen
Asoro Asoro was a bini warrior who fought and died in Benin (Edo State Nigeria) when the British invaded the Edo Kingdom during the colonial era. He's a legend!
Tags: asoro, edo, nigeria
edenomandafrica Photography, Colour
Aso Rock A Panoramic view of the Aso Rock, the monumental and ominipresence landmark in the city of Abuja, the place where the heart of government of Nigeria reside and the pride of Gwari people of Nigeria is where the National Assembly is, the Executive State house could not be far but built inside here and also the Supreme court of Nigeria, the apex...
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Aso Rock Villa Abuja
intelligentcop Photography, Digitally Manipulated