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Queen Chiefdom Baso The statue of the Queen of chiefdom Baso in Northwest Cameroon. It was made in 1986 with pearls and wood (Gouon).
Tags: queen, chiefdom, baso, cameroon, 1986, pearls, wood, art, africa, crafts
kml29 Sculpture
El girasol cubano La creación representa el girasol en un ambiente sano
danielbb Sculpture
Five Reasons Why You Should Care About Climate Change Caring about climate change is the only way to make an impact.
Tags: climate change
sabatino Computer Graphics
Tommaso Bruni
rossella Print
Aso Rock Villa Abuja
intelligentcop Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Canadian Seasons Created by students age 11 years old at Royal Vale School in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
PTPIGYM Painting
Seasonal Variations The Painting Drawn by Class 8th Girls where the comparison of the season has showed, Describing the the nature is giving a clue to the human of the earth that they should change their destine
Tags: seasons
ismailswati Painting
ASO ROCK ABUJA THis is the ASO Rock in Abuja Nigeria. It has some unique features..................
mutiuokediran Photography, Colour
Ocaso Esta fotograf
mm Photography, Colour
Ocaso II En esta oportunidad apreciamos un atardecer al rojo vivo. Obtuve esta fotograf
mm Photography, Colour