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Climate Change in My Back Yard Our world is changing. As global temperatures rise, our landscapes are transforming in ways that threaten wildlife and ecosystems. Some communities and creatures are more vulnerable than others. We are embarking on a collaborative storytelling project with youth around the world to help us document and humanize the many ways that our own...
Backyard a Canadian walk

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back to school How started: Bokul is a boy of ten. He lives with his family at North Kalshi slum, Mirpur, Dhaka. He has 2 brothers and a sister. Bokul’s father is paralyzed since 5 years. His mother is so aged that she was unable to do any job outside of the home. Both his elder brother and sister have got married and they are living separately from them. So
Tags: story, back to school
masud27 Photography, Colour
It all comes back to us It all comes back to us and the Earth comes back at us. It's time to take an immediate action to decarbonize our planet and stop climate change.
Tags: poster
Allonso1234 Mixed Media
This is how leatherback sea turtles’ home should look like. You don’t see trash bags in the sea and the beach. This is how leatherback sea turtles’ home should look like. -Bonica, 6 years old
Tags: turtles, sea, beach, clean, trash
juliacarolina7 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Welcome back home Food is a spring of joy and happiness.Many a times,a warm welcome is awarded to a person who comes home with something to activate our stomachs.This warm welcome is an expression of inner felt joy and happiness.
pssendagire Print
back to school bags treat bags with school supplies for children who attend food pantry
SHeditsch Print
We will be back.. تمثل هذه الصورة سيدة مسنة فلسطينية ما زالت تحلم بالعودة إلى القرية بالرغم من مرور أربعين عاماً على نكبة حزيران. تجسد الصورة معاناة الشعب الفلسطيني تجاه نكبة حزيران Palestanian Women Dreaming "we will back to on one day" to palestain. The photo explain the situation of palestaina people after the war 1967.
suad Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Snapping Back at Poverty! I'm snapping back at Poverty! Telling it 'No more!' looking at him right in face and telling it 'I Must StandUp and Fight You To A Standstill!'
manpo2k Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Background "Sometimes less is more. This work emphasizes on the orange coloured sky to depict a strong background for the painting. The first of three compositions of a landscape series, this picture was created with watercolour." ~Vittoria La Neve. Age 18. Canada.
lavittoria Painting
Back to the nature-05 Thinking of our old good times and trying to be back to the nature.
Cindea Painting
Backyard Visitor - Danielle Trudeau 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest "Backyard Visitor” Danielle Trudeau Age 19 LaSalle, MB
JulieGao Painting