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Submissions (15)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Bamboo Scaffold I've always been impressed by those bamboo scaffold, which are used in Asia to construct buildings. Even skyscrapers are constructed with these kind of scaffolds and I always aks myself how workers can stand, even more work on them.
Franziska Photography, Black and White
katandthat Painting
Flooding Bamboo Some flooding Aeroplant in the fall outside in my yard.
NateR Photography, Colour
Bamboo Groove Bamboo Groove - Fresh and green.
Sindhu14in Drawing, Pastel
Hawaiian Bamboo Forest On a 2-mile hike in Maui, this amazing bamboo forest was on the way to a waterfall.
Tags: hawaii, maui, bamboo, staircase, forest, hike, vacation
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
Bamboo shoots New bamboo shoots growing out of a bamboo patch at the side of the road in San Francique. My dad thinks that this would have made a good picture but I nearly got run over twice trying to take it. He was right. This image is copyleft in accordance with the<a href="" target="_blank"> Creative...
Talesh Photography, Colour
Plaited Bamboo Traditional Community Handicraft.
Tags: altruis indonesia
Trenggana Mixed Media
Plaited Bamboo Traditional Community Handicraft
Trenggana Mixed Media
red bamboo This piece wants to make its viewers realize the beauty and diversity of nature.
xerie Drawing, Pencil