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LOS JOVENES DE MI BARRIO TIENEN LOS MISMO DERECHO Los jóvenes de mi barrio tienen los mismo derecho a ser escogido a la hora de los premios nacional de la juventud, la participación en el CILA, las becas la participación en la política, pero creo que los ministros lo han olvidado cuando no veo un solo pobre en una de esas actividades
Barcelona Feb 2006 As part of the BTEC course, we were offered the chance to go to New York or Barcelona. I chose Barcelona and boy was it amazing. It's so beautiful and I just loved it! There was just so much to see and everything more of less was accessible by foot or metro.. My favourite part of the trip was visiting Gaudi's Park..the mosaics were...

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Barbie: Don't Put Me in a Box The barbie in the box and the collage behind it represents my gender and sexuality. I feel like I'm put in a box by society's views and assumptions. What's your box? How does being put in a box affect your vulnerabilities dealing with everyday life and initiating safer sex? How does the labelling of people affect their lives? How can we regain...
Photography, Colour
Khabarovsk's Main Cathedral This immense cathedral on Khabarovsk's Komsomoskaya Square is one of the landmarks of the city.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Khabarovsk's Newer Architecture Khabarovsk's newer architecture beautifully blends in with the city's older buildings.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
European Style Architecture in Khabarovsk This lovely European-style building is my favourite in Khabarovsk.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Marine Drive View from Malabar Hill Bombay's Malabar Hill has excellent views of Marine Drive and the Backbay.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Cuffe Parade View from Malabar Hill This is the view of the Cuffe Parade area of South Bombay from Malabar Hill. The tall building is the World Trade Centre. The whole area is reclaimed land.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
the bar
ajmalmaharaj Painting
BarnKitty I enjoy taking pictures of animals in their natural environment. This one is of a barn cat on a farm in Cochrane, Alberta. This kitty keeps the barns free of mice and birds.
AlannaAnne Photography, Colour
Break Barriers Artist(s): Jarfin Ignatious Organization: Organization for Research Development Studies and Services Its a simple piece which inspires young minds. Getting out from all difficulties and barriers during adolescence is an important aspect in everyone's life.Our Fear on things which suppress us mentally, socio-economically will not make us succeed...
ayv Photography, Colour
Living behind bars Artist(s): Carolina Cuello Organization: Agenda Global Siglo 21 There's an active youth movement with the objective to close the city zoo. The facebook site We try to express the ideas and feelings of the community and the youth regarding this topic.
ayv Photography, Colour