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Basket full of sweets and snacks I took this picture at an north Indian wedding .The items in each baskets are put in small boxes along with the other sweets to give away to the guest who attend the marriage.
b9 Photography, Colour
Basket Making Starting to make baskets for people to give as Holiday Gifts to someone special
Tags: basket, christmas, creative
wh3625 Mixed Media
Baskets The baskets hide the man who is driving them to the local market.
bishakha Photography, Colour
BASKETS & TABLE MATTS Baskets & Table Mats -(Available) ORDERING:
gorCreativearts Mixed Media
BASKETS ($15.90) Baskets -(Available) ORDERING:
gorCreativearts Mixed Media
BASKETS_2 ($15.00) Baskets -(Available) ORDERING:
gorCreativearts Mixed Media
Flower Basket Chiang Mai might be Thailand second largest city but the city's flowers bring about a relaxed setting. This huge basket of flowers is near one of the old city's historical gates.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Gynamsium + Basket Ball Court
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
Pepper Basket A basket of peppers, nothing more and nothing less. Thanks to Nikita for this photo!
MaryanneC Photography, Colour
Triglav seized in a basket You can see Triglav (the highest mountain in Slovenia) captured in an old basket in which people carried hay etc.
urssulasss Photography, Colour