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Submissions (19)

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The Eternal Battle As the almighty dollar becomes more and more of a "god", sacred sites can no longer compete with the power they wield
arkaleel Photography, Colour
The Long Gun Registry Battle Scrapping the Long Gun Registry has been a debatable topic for quite some time now in Canada. Canada’s Firearms Act was amended in 1995, requiring all owners of hunting rifles and shotguns to obtain a license and register each firearm. By January 1, 2003, all guns were to be registered. The guns that were classified as “non-restricted” were...
Tags: registry, battle, firearms, debate, ceramic, toilet, messy
artrageous Sculpture
Old Growth Battle The main idea to my “Old Growth Battle” game board is the idea that as the axe player makes it to the other side, they successfully have cut down trees and in doing so, become a pile of logs. Meanwhile, as the small trees make it to the other side, they grow and become larger trees. The game is driven from the ongoing debate of cutting old...
Tags: old-growth, ceramic, checkers, logs, trees, axes, battle, debate
artrageous Sculpture
Inner Battle My name is Jephthe Celormy and I’m an intern at Urgent Inc, I use to deal with my fair share of bullies and it really put me in a box. Here I’am 10-11 years old and I’m scared to put myself out there and just be a kid. Growing up I got to learn more and more about God and I realized the only person I should look to for validation is God. I...
Tags: #UrgentInc #FACE
JephtheCelo Mixed Media
Battle of Wolf 359 This is a fan art done in Photoshop with over 100 layers. All component images are copyrights of Paramount Pictures.
MattRudawsky Computer Graphics
Pen Battle Pen Battle It is a must in every society or community anywhere in the world that want to develop socially and economically to give maximum freedom to the press since it is the mouth piece for the citizens to hear their views to the government and the general public on all issues that concerns them. In some part of the world, most especially...
TAkinwande Drawing, Crayon