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Bayside Finished Vendors!!
Dublin- Bayside Ms Duffy's Class Food Cart
Bayside have "Plant lift-off"!!
Monterrey Bay Aquarium These pictures were taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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Life in Bombay Bombay the city where I reside is a potpourri of various Indian cultures, societies and probably an amalgamation of them all! To experience it, I
ArunN Collage
Soul of the Bayou "Soul of the Bayou" (2006) was submitted by a mother/writer from North Carolina. She watched the images from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The utter destruction, the devastation, and the loss brought tears to my eyes. What could I do to help? To honor the great traditions of New Orleans jazz and the fact that it will continue on, despite...
pfkcreator Painting
Morning Haze in San Franciso Bay The beauty and tranquility of nature interacts with the technology of man like a symphony.
actionjackson Painting, Acrylic
Bayesse The central theme in my painting is the search for stillness, the sort of profound and lucid calm that is the result of meditation or contemplation; another main theme is the relationship between humans, the ocean, and the atmosphere. The intent of my work is to create an ambiance where the spiritual dimension of this relationship can be...
hamlet279 Painting, Watercolour
Ocracoke Bay Self explainatory...I just loved how the bay was framed by the posts of the dock.
Artchickliz Photography, Black and White
Another Warm, Sunny Day in Bombay! A cruise on the Arabian Sea off Bombay Harbour can be a real refreshing experience. The Gateway of India and Taj Mahal hotel are in the background
ajay78 Photography, Black and White
Leafless Tree due to global warming trees shed their leaves to cope with changes in environmental conditions
Tags: background, bay, beach, beautiful, beauty, blue, calm, caribbean, cloud, coast, coastline, day, exotic, horizon, hot, idyllic, island, lagoon, landscape, nature, ocean, oceanic, paradise, plant, recreation, relax, relaxation, resort, sand, scenery, scenic, sea, seascape, shore, sky, sunlight, tourism, tranquil, travel, tree, tropic, tropical, turquoise, unspoilt, untouched, vacation, vegetation, water, wave, environment
soctober Photography, Black and White
Pittwater Bay - Morning Rise - Sydney, Australia, February 2003 Taken from the car, I snapped this sunrise over our bay as I left home on my way to an early morning helicopter ride!
Jarra Photography, Colour
Pittwater Bay - Sky Burning - Sydney, Australia, December 2002 I arrived home this year just as the bushfires took hold of the Central NSW coast. Watching from the balcony on a sunny morning, I snapped several long and short shots as clouds of red and black smoke rose over Scotland Island and across Pittwater Bay.<br><br>This panoramic image is a combination of several portrait and landscape shots taken...
Jarra Photography, Colour
Pittwater Bay - Silver Lining - Sydney, Australia, January 2003 On cloudy day the sky ripples with a silver lining as I stand on our balcony and shoot out North across the Bay.
Jarra Photography, Colour