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My art: A look to the protection of the beaches... The inspiration this given by the protection of the sands and the student project of Cuba SOS for the LIFE

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The Beach Monoprint Image. Created by oil painting on glass then printed on paper.
Vagothar Beach The waters off Vagothar Beach are ideal for swimming. The beach is below a small hill, which offers panoramic views.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
The beach at El Salloum This photo shows the sandy beach at El-Salloum bay, Egypt.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Beach leap Artist(s): Yvon Noralez Organization: Caye Caulker Ocean Academy Gymnastics on the beach.
ayv Photography, Colour
My Favourite Beach My favourite beach in the UAE is the beach at Khorfakkan. Khorfakkan is in the eastern side of the UAE looking out over the Indian Ocean. It is a 50-mile stretch of virgin sand, almost untouched, with little tourist industry. There are superb coral reefs off the coast and the breakers coming in off the Indian Ocean are excellent for wind and...
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
Beach Bum
catzpaw Photography, Colour
Leisure at the Beach My friends and I enjoying a sunny day at the beach. This picture was taken earlier this year, during the carnaval in march at a beach in Florianopolis-SC
diogo Photography, Colour
Siho Beach-Playa Siho Hi this is sunset inthe Siho Playa, in the mayan zone know how the Champoton. * Una atardecer en la playa siho en el lugar de la zona maya conocida como champoton
freddy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Black Light Beach This was perhaps the most extraordinary dawn that I have ever witnessed. The ultraviolet effect only lasted a few seconds.
hamlet279 Painting, Acrylic
The Philippine Beeach, Dagupan City. Took a picture of people enjoying the cold water of the Pacific Ocean. Love the scene of the big waves welcoming people to swim with her. White sand, bright sun, big waves and happy people. Perfect day to enjoy!
Tags: sun, beach, philippine beach, dagupan
heifezi Photography, Digitally Manipulated