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My art: A look to the protection of the beaches... The inspiration this given by the protection of the sands and the student project of Cuba SOS for the LIFE

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SAN RAFAEL BEACH & RIVER RESORT! posa en la desenbocadura del RIO SAN RAFAEL, en el balneareo san rafael, barahona, republica dominicana. 2-23-2004.
PepitoBarahona Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Quemaito Beach Resort: Barahona, Dominican Republic! Playa el quemaito, uno de nuestros tesoros naturales.
PepitoBarahona Photography, Digitally Manipulated
June Exhibit - Bright Brackley Beach This was taken at Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island. I edited this a little bit but those colors were actually there and were beautiful as ever! I think that this shows my Canadian identity as it shows the wide range of colors that only one area can have, all mixed in to one. Great diversity of colors, plants, and animals.
IslandGirl333 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Beach In the still of the morning, the sun rose and shone on the beach :) Will this beach be around in 20 years from now? Will the canoe still be able to sit on a sand after its master finishes fishing? With our climate changing, this canoe may never in future be sitting silently on a sandy beach; as all will be washed away by sea :(
stormyrock Photography, Colour
Quintero In this artistic representation, I wanted to show a problem that affects my country, my region and especially my compatriots who live in this area of ​​sacrifice. The area of ​​Quintero over the years has been contaminated by industry and entrepreneurs who do not mind polluting the beaches, the air, and the lives of the people who live in this...
Tags: climatechange, soccer, beach, plastic, Decarbonize, Decolonize
madeleineveas Collage
This is how leatherback sea turtles’ home should look like. You don’t see trash bags in the sea and the beach. This is how leatherback sea turtles’ home should look like. -Bonica, 6 years old
Tags: turtles, sea, beach, clean, trash
juliacarolina7 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
The Philippine Beeach, Dagupan City. Took a picture of people enjoying the cold water of the Pacific Ocean. Love the scene of the big waves welcoming people to swim with her. White sand, bright sun, big waves and happy people. Perfect day to enjoy!
Tags: sun, beach, philippine beach, dagupan
heifezi Photography, Digitally Manipulated
June Exhibit- Beach Sunset Taken at Brackley Beach, on P.E.I. in the evening. My boyfriend and I spent most of the day there and this is just before nightfall. I think that this reflects my Canadian identity as how many places can you get the bright red sand that gets even brighter by the beaty of a calm sunsetÉ
IslandGirl333 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Dundee Beach Dundee Beach Oil on Canvas
JodiBilske Painting, Oil
On the beach
ocian Photography, Colour