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It's Been Hyggeligt ! "Oh! To be Danish", an essay, was the first thing I read about Denmark prior my exciting experience to it, at that time.. I could only know it by name.. 'Danmark' where the story of "Hamlet" took place. I had had no certain expectations about something I had very few knowledge about, don't remember being...

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beehive cpu graphics, i was just playing around with the program, no real message in this pic.
Brakefield Computer Graphics
Gotta Bee My Education and Thoughts of It.
bobbiemck Markers
Where I have been, Where I am going 2 This is a map of Etobicoke North in Toronto or ward 2. It is in the shape of a map of a country to show an ambigous nation when in reality it is Etobicoke north. The people are migrating west from war, trauma, environmental and econonic reasons and make up the migrants and the refugees of this country. I don't identify as Canadian to do so erase...
Tags: migration, refugees, etobicoke, toronto, erasure, honour
Sparrowspot Mixed Media
Humans' Life As It Should Have Been I was inspired by one of my friends at school to create this artwork, and the colour palette I used was a definite evidence in my artwork. It created it to express the misery that some of the poor people have to face, and how everyon else should have been living right now, owing to the fact that humans have progressed so much in life.
globalgallery Mixed Media
Beesleys Country Beesleys country is a cute picture ( Back in the hills . there is a happy place fur childern still play! ) I know its hard to see this picture ..I wish you could see closeup its good. I would not change anything! my real toy beesley is siting with a bib on eating watermelon. I have a whole consept of this story! I was trying to make a website...
teddibubbles Painting, Oil
Bee Johan Calitz 'Bee' Oil on canvas 455mm x 1220mm Copyright © Calitz Art, 2010. South Africa
Tags: bee, johan calitz, original oil painting
Calitzart Painting, Oil
Beeshazaar Taal(lake of 20k) This painting is the original scenario of wild life reserve forest of Chitwan district of Nepal country. These forest rich in longest lake where all type of flora n fauna could be seen . It is one of the tourism place of region.
mahendra193 Painting, Oil
BEEing in the garden! I have only really recently got in to digital photography and I love exploring it as another medium. This is one of the first 'arty' shots I took in my back garden when the bee activity was just buzzin!I like remain intimate and connected with nature what with the rapidly industrialising world we live in today, and I have tried to capture this...
Miss-Ecuador2003 Photography, Colour
Spiderwort/Bee Here is a light purple colored species of spiderwort, with a bee lighting on its stamens.
dwm376s Photography, Colour
Wildbee on a wildflower
eszter Photography, Colour