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Belonging We want to know what Belonging means to you! Belonging has multiple meanings for everyone, so make sure to submit your artwork and tell the World what it means to you.
Disability: Belonging to the Body In conjunction with TakingITGlobal's Featured Theme on Disability, the Global Gallery invites submissions on the body and disability. The purpose of this collection is to raise consciousness on the representation of disability in society and to showcase the work of artists with disabilities. Artists are encouraged to subvert...
What Does Belonging Look Like? "Isolation is the feeling of sitting alone at the bottom of a well. Connectedness is the feeling of belonging." Kim Samuel When you hear the word belonging, what images come to mind? What memories, feelings and life experiences have informed your personal sense of belonging? How are young people today fostering a culture of...

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To Be Complete Over here my aim I to show that one is complete as a human only with love, and when one has the feeling they belong somewhere that fleeting joy and warmth felt is what completes them. The Primroses symbolize a sense of belonging and the heart is no longer hollow as it is filled with the love and admiration from the people one surrounds...
Tags: belonging, love, warmth, flowers, primroses, digital art
AmandaVarghese Cartoons
Belonging Man and Women belongs to each other
cdcindia Ink, Brush
Belonging Community We belongs to community, its our belonging
cdcindia Ink, Brush
The Light of All Lights For the individual, the first sense of belonging is felt with family. Thus, this image depicts two caribou: a mother and child. The two are contrasted against a dark background to depict the security and hope given by the knowledge of acceptance.
Tags: belonging, family, unity
CMbaga Photography, Digitally Manipulated
What Does Belonging Look Like? Belonging is the optimum feeling of connectedness and independence which is felt from within. Different race, nationalities, societies, communities and groups, have different thoughts about the word belonging. Belonging could be classified into three namely; association, membership and possession. Belonging by...
Tags: "Freedom, love, affection"
Decoaster Print
Belonging I need to fit into this world and I need to show that I can fit in to my rightful place, this is me and my future of who I will be next to and who I will be like once I do fit in. ABSTRACT.
evalinaclark Painting
Belonging to us I think about my friends in Haiti Ocean Project and we belong to a group to protect dolphins.
Tags: belonging, haiti
haitiocean Drawing, Pencil-crayon
My School is my Belonging My School is My Belonging
ismailswati Painting
This is my self Belonging This is my self Belonging
ismailswati Painting
Belonging Looks like Belonging looks likes that in the picture. We need to save Take care of food and poverty
ismailswati Painting