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Beauty of our biodiversity Suncity School, Gurgaon, India. Opening our eyes to the beautiful biodiversity of our planet.
Tags: global warming, india, Suncity School, climate change, biodiversity, pollution, save earth
clannapurna Painting, Acrylic
Biodiversity We need to be aware that biodiversity is in danger.
Tags: tree, biodiversity
CaroHerrera18 Drawing, Chalk
BIODIVERSITY AND NATURE Have you ever ask youself how it wold be if our planet Earth remained as green and blue as it was before?This picture, according to me, tries to show what nature can provide if it is left undisturbed. It also signifies peace and harmony among the many dynamisms expressed in the world.It is an art of high colur harmonics to show peace and harmony...
erioch Computer Graphics
Climate change It is such a shame how climate change is affecting these beautiful environments
Tags: biodiversity, nature, ocean, animals
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil
Ecosystems uniting Even though the world is made out of different ecosystems, they all unite and create this beautiful planet
Tags: nature, biodiversity
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil
Let us meet in decarbonized future! Ocean accumulates atmospheric gases, including CO2. Changes in CO2 level affects the Worlds' Ocean condition. I don't want the ocean become dead. Let it be alive and vivid!
Tags: Decarbonize, climate changes, ocean, biodiversity
sjflynn Painting, Watercolour
Man&Earth: A Complicated Relationship. The relationship between man and earth has never been simple and sweet. Man, an animal, was just another biological being, a part of the mother nature until it realised the unique gift of nature: Intelligence. And there started the superiority complex of man. The intelligence that ought have been used to improve the symbiotic relationship...
Tags: man, earth, biodiversity, survival, sustainable, greed, need, planet, pollution, degradation, conservation, climate, change
shaktig39 Painting, Watercolour
Marine life Marine animals living undisturbed by humans
Tags: ocean, nature, biodiversity
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil
monte gelato waterfall
Tags: nature, ecosystem, green, biodiversity, environment
giulia84 Photography, Colour
Picture Perfect Suncity School, Gurgaon, India. Nature is picture perfect! we need to see it in its natural beauty. Will the future generations see it pristine or in picturee postcards???
Tags: global warming, india, Suncity School, climate change, save water, biodiversity, save earth
clannapurna Mixed Media