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ENTRE OS AZUIS - BETWEEN THE BLUES This image was created by the AYV Geo Lead Program in Rio. Entre o azul do céu e o azul do mar o colorido das comunidades. O colorido retrata a alegria de um povo tão sofrido. Between the blue sky and the blue ocean there is the colorful communities. The colorful represents the joy and happiness of the hardworking people.
ayv Mixed Media
Blues Ultra These mystical, metaphoric, minimalist images represent a post-modern approach to the color-field tradition. They have been described as "a synthesis of Rothko, Monet, and a Buddhist mandala." In addition to the originals, many of he images are available as affordable poster reproductions. For more information, please visit...
hamlet279 Painting, Acrylic
Blues Ultra These mystical, metaphoric, minimal images are a post-modern approach to the color-field tradition. Intriguing and relaxing; affordable POSTER reproductions can be purchased on line at
hamlet279 Painting, Acrylic
Blues Ultra I've been working on The Ocean Series for more than a quarter of a century now. Call it a post-modern approach to the color-field tradition if you like, but I'm not trying to deconstruct anything, fit into any category, or prove any theories. Looking at a work of art affects us in a positive, a negative, or (rarely) a neutral way. This is...
hamlet279 Painting, Acrylic
Holiday Blues This piece was done in commemoration to the late Billie Holiday, and to the branch of music: Blues. This piece embodies the emotions involved in the creation of any art; the viewer should be able to "hear" the note she sings. Her sultry voice resonates throughout this piece.
Purplepalette04 Painting, Acrylic
Holiday Blues It is a portrait of Billie Holiday singing. Her notes are represented in her blue tones, and her slutry environment. Her voice resonates through this piece, breaking that dead and cold silence, with a warm coolness.
Purplepalette04 Painting, Acrylic
Sunset Blues This painting uses a colour scheme I saw in the sunset of a wonderful day coming to a close; hence "Sunset Blues"
zbonder Painting, Acrylic
Seascape Cubist
Tags: abstract, blues
mank55in Painting, Oil
Constance... Sweet from The Blues!
pscornerstone Photography, Colour
Susheela Print