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Катерок (100х70) Boat Масло, холст, живопись, катер, река, мост, современное искусство, /Oil on canvas, painting, boat, river, bridge, modern art, contemporary art
Tags: масло, холст, живопись, катер, река, мост, /oil on canvas, painting, boat, river, bridge, modern art, contemporary art
baltina Painting, Oil
Xiangru Zhou——In the Same Boat China have a traditional activity ----Dragon-boat racing, a lot of people sitting in different big dragon boats, rowing together, to see which group faster. Shenzhen is a city of dragon boat, we work together to build our city. Shenzhen people love life, sports, flying Kite, running, reading, painting... Our life is so colorful. Shenzhen...
Tags: Same Boat,Shenzhen
JiaHuang Drawing, Pencil-crayon
June Exhibit- Fishing Boat This is at Victoria by the Sea. My family and I were there this past summer. Some local had this boat up and out of the water and I had the farmhouse in the background and a clear blue sky. I think that this reflects my Canadian identity not just because of the beauty but because of the variety industries that we have, especially fishing on...
IslandGirl333 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
River boats This picture was taken overlooking a massive river that seperates Burma and Bangladesh. This area is scarred by constant armed conflict, although the natural environment is incredibly peaceful.
yusuf Photography, Colour
Becca and Boat
aforster Photography, Colour
Boat House Side
aforster Photography, Colour
Sky Line Boat
aforster Photography, Colour
Elmina Boat Park
kwessy Photography, Colour
Boat and Shore - March 2003
Jarra Photography, Colour
PC at Boat :: PC at Boat :: In a rural village of Bangladesh :::
akzaman Photography, Colour