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Pinwheels for Peace We had to create ‘Pinwheels for Peace’ at our school, and we were asked to draw on one side of the pinwheel what we thought peace looked like and on the other side we were to write out words that described what peace meant to us. My art represents all the countries together on surrounded by the harmony and nature of the ‘Mother Earth’.
Tags: peace, equality, earth, issues, culture, world, differences, together, bond, sara minaeian, nature, environment, mother earth
saramina Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Bonding love and culture around the world It depicts the culture and the power of bonding of people round the world.This canal is the canal of love !!
Tags: venice
raghav7 Photography, Colour
Are you busy in converting oxygen to carbondioxide? The present world is mainly destroying because of Carbondioxide. We are cutting trees and inversely Carbondioxide is killing us.
Tags: pollution, air, deforestation
khadeza21 Painting, Watercolour
Bond Car Sketch
Chevron8 Drawing, Pencil
The Bondage of Child Labour This stunning piece of artwork was not created by the likes of myself, but rather by the impeccable genius of artists from an organization called the "Beehive Design Collective" <> To me this artwork represents the struggle that a child has to face when confronted with a bonded child labour...
BoutrosBoutros Print
Bonding ABSTRACT PAINTING-- this painting shows no one is complete but still bonded compleatly like human chain.
gayathrivk Mixed Media