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Flowers - Breathe - January 2003
Jarra Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Live Good, Breathe Good and Grow Good To show other people how to take care of the earth and the effects of not taking care of it.
JozefKyle0930 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Take a moment to breathe well being for me is to take a moment to breathe, to appreciate all the thing that surround us, watch the sky, feel the air and breathe
Tags: girl, sky, sun, plants, flowers,
lauravjean Computer Graphics
Costs of Living! The relationship between man and earth has never been simple and sweet. Man, an animal, was just another biological being, a part of the mother nature until it realised the unique gift of nature: Intelligence. And there started the superiority complex of man. The intelligence that ought have been used to improve the symbiotic relationship...
Tags: earth, greed, man, exploitation, survival, relationship, nature, pollution, degradation, human, considering, climate, change, breathe, clean, sustainable, planet
shaktig39 Painting, Watercolour
Breathe Stop being so tense relax and enjoy life.
sher Computer Graphics
Let Me Breathe, Let Me Live The air we breathe is getting more and more polluted. If nothing is done about it, if people don't stop destroying the "Lungs of the Earth", our own lungs will stop working...
silwen Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Breathe Life signs that show us and remind us to be alive enjoying life by a different and wider perspective, so many things to keep learning and adjusting
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Breathe A part of Mile End Community Project's 2020 FAME (Film and Media Empowerment). Learning how to utilize mobile devices to shoot, edit, and share spoken word poems.
YouthMedia Mixed Media