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Oakland California USA These pictures are taken in Oakland, California USA. Oakland is just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

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Angel Flying over California This is an angel flying over Oakland California in the U.S.A. It is my heart and my prayers for a safer and peaceful world.
clarita Computer Graphics
California Hills I am surrounded by a beautiful countryside. I did this with soft pastel and then blended the entire image with turpentine.
EugeneMontagna Drawing, Pastel
Burning World I decided to create this word silhouette because I love to hand letter, and I love doing things for a good cause. I wanted it to represent the effects of climate change and what it could do to our world.
Tags: united states, california, climate change, heating, lettering
Calligraphist Ink, Pen
Alter on the street-Bolinas California This photo is taken in Bolinas, California. Bolinas is an artist community on the coast of California.
clarita Photography, Colour
A Rainbow Over Palos Verdes California Christmas day 2007. I was standing on the out door balcony of my brothers home when I took this shot. The Rainnbow is actually over the Pacific Ocean which is close by and in view.
kranikh Photography, Colour
Pebble Beach This was taken on a trip to Science Camp located in Santa Cruz, CA.
Tags: pebble beach, santa cruz, california, water, ocean, sunny, beautiful, kids, rocks, coast
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
Yosemite Panoramic.
Tags: california, sunset, silhouette, trees, color, pink. clouds, beautiful, waterfall, yosemite, fog
sophallyssa Photography, Colour