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Climate Change and Cities - Youth Art CALL FOR ART Join youth from across the planet in envisioning climate friendly cities by sharing your artistic perspective of the city you would want to live. Contribute your vision along with students from across the planet as they share artistic opinion on climate change and civic engagement for the Intergovernmental Panel on...
# Decarbonise- Decolonise Youth Art for Climate Change Decarbonise, Global warming, save energy, save water, do not pollute
#Decarbonize #Decolonize - Youth Art for Climate Change/Art et changements climatiques We invite you to unleash your creativity on an unsuspecting world. Artistically explore the intersections of Decarbonization and Decolonization - two movements that are transforming our world. The world is gathering in Chile this December for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP25. We want to bring your art! You have a unique...
Climate Change in My Back Yard Our world is changing. As global temperatures rise, our landscapes are transforming in ways that threaten wildlife and ecosystems. Some communities and creatures are more vulnerable than others. We are embarking on a collaborative storytelling project with youth around the world to help us document and humanize the many ways that our own...
Agents of Change in a Global World Images posted in this collection were prepared by students at York University Faculty of health taking part in the Agents of Change in a Global World course.
Perspectives: Youth Creating Change In 2012, TakingITGlobal engaged nearly 3,000 youth in 22 countries around the world in creating multimedia pieces about their communities, their issues, their hopes, and their demands. Each media piece presented in this set is unique and has a distinct youth voice. Some call for action, while others call attention to an issue. Some tell stories...
Wings of Change Wings of Change will encourage young people to find their political voices and provide them with the opportunity to be part of a larger movement. The project combines principles of pageantry, theatre and collective artistic expression to deliver messages directly from young people to the halls of political power. Wings of Change is a project...
change the world. if you want to change the world . first you should have change for your self .
Education means change (poster) The poster is a project about the situation of education in the world. It demonstrate that developed countries have highest literacy rate than developing countries. It also shows impacts of a good access to education can have on the society.
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
How Does Change Happen? How Does Change Happen? is a visual accompaniment to artist Jennifer Corriero's poem on change, written during the COP15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen. She has also published a book of this artwork, available at
Youth Voices on Climate Change TakingITGlobal recently partnered with Adobe on the Youth Voices Project , which included running workshops in ten different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Mali, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, and Sweden. During these workshops youth discussed and created images focused on Climate Change. These are the unique perspectives...
Climate Change TakingITGlobal invites you to express yourself on the theme of climate change. How do you see the world facing this global challenge? How can young people contribute to address climate change? TIG challenges you, to express yourself artistically on this phenomenon. This Global Gallery contest will run in parallel to the Tenth Session of the...
Dialogue Change : End Child Labour
Dialogue Change: The Global Issues May Call-to-Action In the month of May we are putting out a call to Action : dialogue for change! This online event will use intercultural dialogue on diversity to jump start discussion on Child Labour in honour of the 10th anniversary of Convention 182 on Child Labour. Beyond verbal discussion, participants in this call-to-action will have the opportunity to...
Youth Voices - Brazil - Climate Change
Youth Voices - China - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Argentina - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Canada - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Sweden - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Mali - Climate Change
Youth Voices - South Africa - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Kenya - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Egypt - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Russia - Climate Change
French Exchange 2004 A gallery featuring photographs from the French exchange I participated in, which included excursions to Monaco and Italy.

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15 Seconds to change
Seyram Collage
A Chain Reaction of Climate Change What we draw here is a series of six pictures, representing a chain reaction of climate change. From the left to right, the drawings show that CO2 emitted by factories can cause increasing temperature, then the global warming leads to melting glaciers, which gives rise to the sea-level, and as the sea-level goes up, floods may take place and...
Tags: climate change
Sophia_Qi Mixed Media
ACTION says the entrepreneur turning ideas into golden opportunities
Tags: change
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
And My Dream Changed When i was a child i have wanted to become a soldia,I have nurse this ambition till the year 2000.when i have an idear of working for the youths i changed from being a soldia.Now i am a founder of the most formidable youth organization in Africa and today i am a world youth leader.Don't allow your child dreams to determaind what you become in...
nigeriagrassrootyouthforum Computer Graphics
Archangel A piece I created in a few hours late one night. It is a representation of an angel, though I was not pleased with the turnout of the clouds that were to represent his holy land :)
klinesmoker Drawing, Pencil
Archangel Michael Slaying a Dragon This painting I painted for charity and all proceeds from it will go to the charity called ORBIS. ORBIS does a much needed job of saving the sight of many thousands of children and adults accross the world. I started a group of artists, who paint in their spare time to raise money for ORBIS. The goup is called: Painting for Charity and...
pitzachef Painting, Watercolour
Artworks on climatic change This is the description of harms of global warming and the effect of it let us try to evaluate global warming
Tags: earth
Marcelodin Drawing, Crayon
AWARENESS says the communicator messages shared through various media networks
Tags: change
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
Be the Change Artist(s): Martina Zambon Organization: Asociacion Uruguaya de Difusion del Español como Lengua Extranjera Description: This picture shows a lot of images related to pollution. Some of those are water pollution and the others are earth pollution. Is a good way to show how is our planet now a days.
ayv Photography, Colour
Be the Change It can be interpreted in two ways: one is that it appeals to people "to be the change" and for everyone to to their bit and reduce their CO2 output so it's bringing everyone's attention to the 350 number of the safe upper limit of CO2. People can interpret it as the greenery is the current state and if we don't change our policies towards...
RJR Mixed Media