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S.O.S. Collection for life, from the School of Early Childhood Education. Cuba. The Model: The seabed ... is an expression of the protection of the oceans
National Child Day Art Exhibition November 20th is National Child Day.  Each year, this day is celebrated in Canada and around the world to commemorate the United Nations’ adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in 1989.     The UNCRC spells out a full list of human rights to which all children under the age of 18 are entitled, including...
Children Good time for children.
Keys Meadow Children
An innocent child Is a a shocking video.An innocent child was forced to mutilate or to kill people:(
Child's Play it's has been our job to make sure the children get their right.
Children of Bangladesh! The photos were taken in Bangladesh. Focusing the disadvantageous Bangladeshi children.
Dialogue Change : End Child Labour
International Child Art Foundation The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the premise that the innate creativity of every child on the planet needs to be nurtured, celebrated and supported. This exhibit is full of lithograph prints of childrens art work all over the world. They are avaliable for purchase on ....
Russia: Maria's Children
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Chernogorsk
Russia: District Center for Children's Art, Tambov In this collection you will find works submitted by children attending one of the local centers for art in the city of Tambov, Russia. The Center's mission is to assist in developing children's creativity and initiative, and it offers a variety of courses focusing on music, dance, art, languages, communication skills, and theatre. The...
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Tambov The works in this collection were created by young people from small towns and villages in the Tambov region, Russia. The art classes they study in are affiliated with the Children and Youth Creativity Center (Dvorets Tvorchestva Detey i Molodezhi), which is located in the city of Tambov and attracts young artists from all over the region. In...
THE AFRICAN CHILD There are very many pairs f eyes in the world.All these pairs have got a tale to tell.Just look keenly and you will see something in the piercing eye. Some depict sorrow, some depict pain and suffering, some depict inquisitive nature, while some depict joy and hapiness.It is through understanding the background of the persons invoved that we...
My Childhood This exhibit contains the main artwork peices I made during my infancy.
Asian child Walking near her village
Child & Youths Life-Style Child & Youths are the next generations that will have to be in charge of world guideness. Nowadays them have the necessary vision to know more of what their oldest never want to understood and It means world is bigger and fascinated with the cultural diversity at any corner of our Planet Earth. This is a little expression of how child &...

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Children of Africa! Children of Africa - feed them is an inspirational make up developed out of the concern that we need to put up structires to feed our children who are willing to go to school but no fees and support, who are ready to eat, but no food, who are ready to work, but no background. Feed them represent an artistic expression of love from all for child...
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
CHILDREN IN A DIPSPLACED CAMP-UGANDA Children in northern Uganda in their new home. (A people's displaced camp) Children's rights have been greatly abused as a result of the civil war that has gone on for over 20 years.
tandrew 3D Graphics
tandrew 3D Graphics
Poor Children Children in Pakistan who do not have homes and are living in poverty. They search for food in their surroundings.
zamar 3D Graphics
International Virtual Exhibition on Children's Rights Images play a vital role in our perception of reality. A baby recognises a smile on his mother’s face long before he starts speaking. Children draw the world around them to tell others how they see it before they aquire literacy skills. Images as social messages evoke us to think, act and feel responsible. We learn to stop at the red traffic...
globalgallery 3D Graphics
Children rights In some of the asian countries, they use kids in the industry of sports shoes... I strongly beleive that it's a form of the worst forms of the abuse of children,and the violatio of their rights...
yarinos Cartoons
The Innocent Children Under Punishment This is talking about the situation. of the African children what how there Leader is Neglecting it...
goldenlove Cartoons
Childhood Lost...Childhood Found I wanted to reflect on the issue of child labour in a way that was both diverse and universal so I choose to portray the difference between a child who's life as a child is snatched away (thus they are in search of happiness ♥?) and a child who was allowed to be just that, a child (thus happiness is found in this case ♥!). Note:...
kurshauna Cartoons
A Child in each one of us The image was created by the young people with the purpose of showcasing their creative skills to their community and role comics play in their day to day lives.
ayv Cartoons
Child trade Child trading is an important issue in Romania. I'm sure every country has this problem and i wanted to make a shocking picture of what the reality is. Original artwork is 15*10 cm CMYK made in Adobe Photoshop.
c0ntrast Collage