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THE CROP CIRCLE COLLECTION This collection is the worlds most prolific collection in oils on canvas documenting the cropcircle Formations that appear in the fields of Wiltshire and Hampshire and other locations around the globe in the summer time

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two circles Geometric decoration
ZeinabAhmedAli Drawing, Pastel
Circle Of Life The 300KB limit literally killed this image!!!! :( It looked so much better before and now it's ruined:( It was too big to scan, so I had to take a picture of it.. This was drawn 2 years ago as an aboriginal art assignment. Enjoy anyways. Better version coming soon, hopefully.
Alice13 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
The Circle Of Life? Elise Bakkers, age 17, William E. Hay Composite High School, Alberta The Circle Of Life? This painting shows a pregnant mother who bears a young boy. The boy, when older, will be forced to become a child soldier just like the thousands of other boys.
The Circle and the Whirl! I just wanted to draw the origin of our thoughts.... I hope colours can help us...!
amitk Painting
Circles of Life Blue circles- poverty Red Circles- all the people dying because of wars, fights, poverty Purple Circles- all the people with the government Black Circles- all the people against the government
ssdeol Painting
Circle of Courage My name is Raye and I am a grade 6 student. I like to paint and become inspired by the people and environment around me. I chose to paint the Circle of Courage because generosity, independence, belonging, and mastery will encourage reconciliation.
tigteam Painting
Circlecue This was painted in response to the busy life surrounding me. It is based on architectural forms to reflect the urban area in which I live.
vixchix46 Painting, Acrylic
Red Circle
gminor7 Painting, Acrylic
Women circle of life Everybody is different. Everyone has his own ideas about the world, life. All of us want peace, freedom and the right to do what we want. A coloured world makes happy, an acceptance of and a wish for discovering differences within the human race, in all places on this earth, is a great pleasure. This circle means we should never stop being...
crazykatja Painting, Acrylic
yinyang - 2010 Both yin and yang cannot exist without each other or stand alone. They depend on each other for definition and can only be measured by comparing themselves to each other. They achieve a state of balance by mutual control and inhibition. The balance is neither static nor absolute, but is maintained within certain limits. When one aspect goes to...
Tags: yin, yang, naked, yoga, urdhva dhanurasana, sacred geometry, twins, circle
Karmym Painting, Acrylic