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THE CROP CIRCLE COLLECTION This collection is the worlds most prolific collection in oils on canvas documenting the cropcircle Formations that appear in the fields of Wiltshire and Hampshire and other locations around the globe in the summer time

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A Circle of Life This mixed video art portrays water pollution and all the creatures that are victimized by pollution. I visualized the pollution-free world, sea creatures flapping their tail in clean water with a motor. The cogwheel had been punctured with wood pieces to spin around. This movement portrays the circle of life.
Tags: hope
seoyeon1116 Sculpture
jenergy Photography, Colour
Circle of Courage My name is Raye and I am a grade 6 student. I like to paint and become inspired by the people and environment around me. I chose to paint the Circle of Courage because generosity, independence, belonging, and mastery will encourage reconciliation.
tigteam Painting
Circle of Defence Circle of Women
ToonDiepstraten Painting, Oil
Circle Of Life The 300KB limit literally killed this image!!!! :( It looked so much better before and now it's ruined:( It was too big to scan, so I had to take a picture of it.. This was drawn 2 years ago as an aboriginal art assignment. Enjoy anyways. Better version coming soon, hopefully.
Alice13 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Circle of Peace In this exciting competition, the way my picture "Promotes a Culture of Peace" is by showing different cultures of the world, hand in hand together. The individuals show that peace is the greatest gift by raising their heads in happiness, pride and hope. This picture shows that even though there are different religions/cultures in the world,...
Painting, Watercolour
Circlecue This was painted in response to the busy life surrounding me. It is based on architectural forms to reflect the urban area in which I live.
vixchix46 Painting, Acrylic
Circles of Life Blue circles- poverty Red Circles- all the people dying because of wars, fights, poverty Purple Circles- all the people with the government Black Circles- all the people against the government
ssdeol Painting
Circles of Life The image is a collection of pictures that represent the beautiful colors and diversity in Colombia, this is what we are, life, color, and love.
Tags: photography, environment, nature, earth, green, art, Decarbonize
JulianaSG Photography, Colour
Folk Circle Mandala Like mandalas of other cultures, it creates a symbol of cosmic connectedness and wholeness - an environment of nourishment and delight.
PeterMichel Sculpture