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Clay Planter Still Life Interpretation of Light and Shape.
Clay Farming I simply liked the idea of farming a material with exponential creative potential.
zbonder Painting, Acrylic
clay sculpture 1
Konrad Sculpture
clay sculpture 2
Konrad Sculpture
I am a Beaver Call it a self-portrait; I believe that I am a beaver. I strongly identify myself as sharing similar traits to a beaver. Before jumping into this piece, I listed a bunch of qualities of a beaver. As the list got longer and longer, I was beginning to convince myself that I was closely associated with this animal that was known for its hard work,...
Tags: beaver, ceramic, clay, trees, portrait, identity, ontario
artrageous Sculpture
Discovery During the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown I’ve started going in my backyard more often and made the discovery of clay in the bottom of a hole! I mixed it with water and made miniature bear, cat, and bowl sculptures out of it. The moss growing beautifully on our worn down fence was the perfect “gallery” space to display them on. Looking...
Tags: art, sculpture, clay, bear, cat, pandemic, lockdown, nature, outdoors
lisalam1 Sculpture