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Coastal Stewardship at Brookwood
Alexandria and the North Coast I dedicate this exhibit to my hometown, Alexandria, and its surrounding region (aka The Egyptian North Coast). As such, photos that I shot, are meant to give the visitor an idea about daily-life and nature in Alexandria and the North Coast.
West Coast Wimsy Shylene loves to work in a "use what you have" approach. She uses recycled materials found along her path, as well as local driftwood from the beaches of Vancouver Island. Check it out at her site

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florida coast What does this piece of art mean to me? Not much in terms of symbology; its a mere location drawn to relative accuracey.
allisonkg Drawing, Pastel
Coastal Railway , Colombo
anuriandima84 Photography, Colour
Morocco-Ivory Coast As a media coordinator with the Moroccan team during the African Cup-Egypt 06', I was sad when Morocco lost 0-1 from Ivory Coast in the first game. The photo shows the score panel at the Cairo Stadium.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
The Red Sea coastal plains Along the western shores of the Red Sea, a mountaineous chain extends such that a coastal sandy plain separates it from the sea. This picture is taken at a region to the southwest of Hurghada.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Airborne - Coastal Flow - Wellington, New Zealand, December 2002 Looking down through the layers of cloud climbing North along the coast of Wellington.<br><br>Leaving Wellington for Sydney after a 3 Day Transit home! - Thankyou Mr & Mrs Homeland Security >:(<br><br>3 years ago I flew 'Jumpseat' in a 747 on a landing in Shanghai. Incredible! Absolutely Freakin Stunning! Alas I had no camera at the time and now...
Jarra Photography, Colour
Coastal Erosion The majority of this piece is composed of blue waters, and to the back there is a small area of land. This painting depicts one of the effects of raising sea levels and land pollution -Coastal Erosion. I intended for this piece to make the viewer feel as though the water is pushing the land further and further until the piece was entirely...
Tags: climate change. painting
KHutchinson Painting, Acrylic
Blissful B.C. Coast Salt Spring Island B.C. proves that nature is where true artism lies.
kitheh Photography, Colour
Beach scene in Cape Coast
kwessy Photography, Colour
Cape Coast Castel
kwessy Photography, Colour
Cape Coast Castel2
kwessy Photography, Colour