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LIFE COLORLESS i'd like to submit a series of photos capturing the Senegalese street child in their every day life, the world thru their brown eyes, their condition, their scars (deep within as well as phisical*PG13, their lost souls, their unfairness, their hope,there possible future, their faces, their stares...THEIR LIFE COLORLESS.

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The Tree of Color
kranikh Ink, Brush
A colorful laugh an original painting by me
Tags: children
gayatriartist Painting, Acrylic
Picnic By The River It reflects my Canadian identity because its a such colorful and beautiful place! I really enjoyed painting this because of all the lake reflection and the complex plants in the backround. Espeically the picnic on the front part was hard to paint but fun.
Tags: park, color, oil, painting, water, landscape, orignal, traditonal
mz8f4t Painting, Oil
pegadas digital art - a collage of colorful footprints, hinting at an evolution of diverse, responsible and joyful ways to make our way on this planet.
Tags: footprint, color
CarlaTenn Computer Graphics
Colors I drew these colors on Artrage.
buca15 Computer Graphics
Colors of Nature1 This painting is a combination of colors and accessories. I have tried to make it unique by using accessories.Actually I got this idea in my dreams so this is the true example that if we work honestly the dreams comes true. So this is the beginning of my dream into reality and lot of thanks to tigweb for giving me opportunity to express my dreams.
rmrmmore Painting
colors of the world colors can describe them self that how they are part of the world.
sushilsakhuja Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Cerro de los 7 colores-1- Esta foto la tome en mi ultimo viaje a Jujuy. Es en la ciudad de Purmamarca y para tomarla me subi arriba de un cerro que hay.
julianprofeta Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Cerro de los 7 colores-2- Esta foto la saque en Purmamarca arriba de un cerro y lo que se ve es el cerro de los siete colores
julianprofeta Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Cerro de los 7 colores-3- Este es otro cerro que compone el cerro de los siete colores en Purmamarca
julianprofeta Photography, Digitally Manipulated