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İletişim - Communication - اتصالات İletişim - Communication - اتصالات
Tags: İletişim, communication, اتصالات
abdullah- 3D Graphics
communication graphic illustration 2d by I. H.
Artvif Photography, Colour
Cool shadow of Information & Communication Technology Information & Communication Technology is just like this Oak tree that provides forage for cattle, fiber for tribes, fertilizer for farmers, fuel for country people, medicine for ill people and water and fresh air for everybody likewise ICT has something for everyone in the information society.
farhadali Painting, Oil
Whapmagoostui 2 C'est par téléphone qu'une amie m'a décrite les couleurs de la communauté de Whapmagoostui, à la Baie de Hudson, où elle effectuait un stage en milieu de santé. La communication est importante dans le processus. Elle m'a également envoyé une photo que j'ai intégrer au paysage. Il s'agit d'un réseau de fils électriques servant à la communication...
Tags: électricité, communication, nordicité, paysage, technologie
JPLC Painting, Acrylic
JURI Computer Graphics
Shukhov museum of communications
JURI Computer Graphics
Shukhov museum of communications 2
JURI Computer Graphics
Shukhov museum of communications
JURI Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Urban Communication It wasn't there yesterday when I walked by. Who had inscribed this on the pole over the night or into the early morning before I walked past it today? Was someone trying to communicate to me, brighten my day with one simple word? In a city where people don't say 'hello' as strangers walk by, in this urban environment, someone was trying to...
SwapnaMD Photography, Black and White