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Intergenerational Growing In this picture I am standing next to a lavatera plant in my community garden plot. Lavatera is a beautiful plant that grows to be 3-4 feet tall and is full of bright pink flowers. I didn’t know what a lavatera plant was until my grandmother sent me a little plastic envelope with small seeds inside and a piece of masking tape stuck to the...
Tags: garden, family, connection
3Ed933kEyA Photography, Colour
The Love Connection Basically I want to express with my art an inner world full of pent-up stamina that society commonly represses...let's say that I try to make the viewer think and feel transported to a better world far from the inherited neuroses of mankind...
cybermutante Computer Graphics
Isolation and Disconnection from Nature 3 Mankind's isolation state in which we're immersed provokes an impossibility to understand and care for our surroundings. In many situations, we blindly forget our interconnectedness to the planet earth. The effort for a conscious process of becoming connected with the natural world will help reverse the way we treat our primordial resources...
Tags: nature, man, trees
ElisaPritzker Sculpture
Separated Connection My artworks deal with the relationship between nature and men, portrayed by various natural and man-made materials. Although we are surrounded by these materials that make up our environment, we do not recognize the tight relationship that both nature and us, men share. Either in a positive or negative way, we interact with nature everyday and...
Tags: native, rug, back lighting, bright, oil painting, aboriginals, feather, nature, brown
jkim915 Painting, Oil
Ibom Connection Ibom Connection is located in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. That's I come from. Like it or not, this is our pride!The famous Ibom Plaza is a must see for you. I wouldnt mind sending you lots of pics from here for just $10 a pic! How about that??
manpo2k Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Wordless connection That's what we call music!
Pinkiehn Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Inner connection Inner connection. Connecting with the inner child is one of the most important connections one can make to reach a higher level of Self Awareness. Pregnant of a new human being, Motherhood, Fertility, Life, Love, First Connection with the growing baby. Understanding the wonder of Life, Appreciating life in it's full essence. Inner connection.
Wilhelmina Painting, Acrylic
Interconnection We belong
YouthFirst Painting, Oil