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Water Conservation Posters
Water Conservation Water Conservation is crucial, especially in specific areas of the world, and we need to be aware and take of our water resources.

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Trees for change,forest conservation & livestock ! The pictures were taken in Kericho & Londiani,Kenya.It shows the advantage of practising forest conservation & livestock keeping culture!
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Trees for change,productive agricultural landscape & soil conservation ! The pictures were taken in Nyeri,Kerugoya & Machakos-kathama,Kenya.Soil conservation by contour hedges promotes productive agricultural landscapes.
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Trees for change,environmental conservation & watershade protection ! The pictures were taken in western Kenyas river yala area.Trees help in environmental conservation and watershade protection.
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Trees for change,biodiversity & conservation ! The pictures were taken in Arusha Tanzinia.Just to show biodiversity conservation & land degradation.
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
News-Mail Articlle - 18 Feb 2011 - PAGE 3 This is the article that the local paper from my home town of Bundaberg did on my application for the DeforestAction Project Borneo competition
Tags: deforestaction,, deforestation, rainforest, forest, orangutan, orang-utan, environment, conservation, rebecca dennis
rdenni11 Photography, Colour
Ashes, the Hairless Chimpanzee in Mysore Zoo This was taken during my recent trip to Mysore. I was really surprised and sad to see this lone chimp wandering around in his enclosure...Being different makes it very difficult to survive in a social similar to us humans who ostracize people who are different from the so called 'normal'....
Tags: kerala, chimpanzee, mysore, environment, conservation
anuriandima84 Photography, Colour
Water Conservation This pricture is meant to display the privaleges of water and environment around us, and how we should try our best to conserve water. This picture portraits a natural image of how water is important through a nice and comforting view of nature. Not just water but environment in general we should be taking care of. This is our planet.
acalcano Computer Graphics
Water Conservation Poster I've done this poster to raise people awareness regarding water conservation and its availability for future generations.
Tags: water, conservation
Andreanne18 Collage
Man&Earth: A Complicated Relationship. The relationship between man and earth has never been simple and sweet. Man, an animal, was just another biological being, a part of the mother nature until it realised the unique gift of nature: Intelligence. And there started the superiority complex of man. The intelligence that ought have been used to improve the symbiotic relationship...
Tags: man, earth, biodiversity, survival, sustainable, greed, need, planet, pollution, degradation, conservation, climate, change
shaktig39 Painting, Watercolour