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Recortes da Pobreza Esta galeria retrata a dura realidade que é a pobreza. São várias fotos que eu mesma tirei ou peguei de outros fotográfos na grande rede virtual que é a internet. Tenho como objetivo sensibilizar as pessoas de que cada um de nós temos o potencial de fazer uma diferença enorme na luta contra a pobreza. Nós, como cidadãos, com consciência...
World Monuments & Corners Human civilizations builded spaces to rest or enjoy what their skills compete with the magnificence of nature. Besides, in any corner that our people were designed have a particular spirit of how their citizens traduce It in costumes or atmosphera. This is the main trade mark that our people left to the world.

Submissions (110)

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Celastrus Capricorn 100 x 100 x 3cm Also available in other sizes
abiliciouz Print
Celastrus Capricorn (Wind) 100x100x3cm
abiliciouz Print
It's The Blind Occordion Man In a public park in Kunming, China - July 2005
adiab Photography, Colour
The Core of The Shadow When in the core of the shadow, remember that light is around the corner...
adiab Drawing, Pencil
world's corner
alukes Photography, Colour
Corfu El mar en Corfú, Grecia.
apsaras Photography, Colour
Ugly according to Koni I asked koni my sis what she thinks of this photo and she said,,"Ugly".
Arsiema Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Unicorn 5000 years ago one animal with one horn existed but now it is extinct
Tags: unicorn
artlalit Painting, Acrylic
Got Corn? Artist(s): Maria Tecayehuatl Organization: Arquetopia Foundation for Development Description: A photo essay about identity and immigration. Corn is the base of Mexican cuisine and therefore Mexican identity. As María explored identity within the community of San Agustín Calvario she wonders about the future with GMO foods
ayv Photography, Colour
96' Honda Accord Mike and I's old car we use to share!
babynekogirly Photography, Digitally Manipulated