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Recortes da Pobreza Esta galeria retrata a dura realidade que é a pobreza. São várias fotos que eu mesma tirei ou peguei de outros fotográfos na grande rede virtual que é a internet. Tenho como objetivo sensibilizar as pessoas de que cada um de nós temos o potencial de fazer uma diferença enorme na luta contra a pobreza. Nós, como cidadãos, com consciência...
World Monuments & Corners Human civilizations builded spaces to rest or enjoy what their skills compete with the magnificence of nature. Besides, in any corner that our people were designed have a particular spirit of how their citizens traduce It in costumes or atmosphera. This is the main trade mark that our people left to the world.

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Midday at the corner of the world. Thought of what midday must look like at the corner of the world. Thought it must look something like that.<br /> <br /> What do you think it looks like?<br /> <br /> - - -<br /> Pred.
Predattack 3D Graphics
Threats for the coral reefs Using the dynamite by the fishermen caused a lot of damage to coral reefs. The coral reefs can restore with the speed of one inch in five years.
nujoicat Computer Graphics
CortesMedia Christmas Wallpaper Wallpaper dise
kalo Computer Graphics
Corruption of Capitalism Bloodshed and Oil don't mix, creating destruction of the earth.
rrutland Computer Graphics
Cornerstone Brochure 1 This is a brochure designed for Cornerstone Design Build, Ltd. near Kent, OH. It was one of several possible designs and now serves as the company's guide for customers.
MattRudawsky Computer Graphics
Cornerstone Brochure 2 Another shot of the Cornerstone brochure.
MattRudawsky Computer Graphics
Cornerstone Brochure 3 And another...
MattRudawsky Computer Graphics
Stop Corruption!
Solo-sy Computer Graphics
007 car Aston Martin Vanquish (if spelt correct that is) big, big fan of
Chevron8 Drawing, Pencil
The Core of The Shadow When in the core of the shadow, remember that light is around the corner...
adiab Drawing, Pencil