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Submissions (8)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
drilho Computer Graphics
Crime is not an option With this poster, Rosanti Mercera wanted to raise awareness to young people that no matter the situation that one is in; crime is never an option.
Tags: ayv bonaire
dmartinus Computer Graphics
Cyber Crime It is sad fact that technology created for helping people sometimes creates new fields of violence - the cyber crime which is dehumanizing idea of technology and endangering human side of interactions and communications.
Stridefull2 Ink, Pen
Poverty leads to crimes Poverty to familial disruptions, children become orphans, and all these are heading towards Crimes!
BryanMoLyan Computer Graphics
Hunting is crime We are trying to educate people through creatig a film on Wild Life Protection
mridulindia Mixed Media
Hunting is Crime Save wild life through educate people, Because hunting is crime
mridulindia Mixed Media
Mask: Human Trafficking by Dannie Legacy I decided that making a mask about it would provide more information about the topic, and hopefully spike someone’s attention to do something about this ongoing problem we have in our society. The way I decided to present my topic is not with words or direct pictures, but instead, with colour and with structure. I started the mask by using tin...
Tags: human trafficking, people, crime, justice, abuse
JNeville Sculpture
Stop crime against women Artist(s): Manthan Charles; Priyanka Nagpure Organization: Community Development Centre The woman are very much vulnerable in the community, they are facing lots of discrimination in their day to day life. Crime against women in different ways going on. This poster is design to give power to women to say Stop Crime.
ayv Photography, Colour