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Von King Cultural Arts Center
Cultural Expressions Around The World Over 25,000 highschool students from across Ontario attended the Youth Empowerment Event held at the Skydome on Thursday April 5., a not-for-profit youth online organization, was one of the outstanding volunteer associations and booths at the event. Submissions from a contest the showcase team developed, entitled...

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Cultural diversity Why do we always use clash to describe the cultural diversity impact on us... If you only took a carefull look at our differencies,we'd know that each difference is a beauty and that we can learn a big deal from it...
yarinos Cartoons
Cultural diversity I don't know why we use the word "Clash" to define the relations between cultural differences. If we only try to listen and look carefully to each others, we'd know how beautiful it is to interact with each others, and we'd know that each difference is a beauty, a jewel if we unite them together we can make a beautiful chain... And that from...
yarinos Cartoons
Multiculturalism Yay! Globalisation is inevidable, multiculturalism is inevidable. We must accept and welcome all that is different with arms open wide, only fear holds us back. What is there to fear we are all human beings? And If those differences are really not your cup of tea, then fine you don't have to participate but you must respect and acknowledge our...
effiekaye Collage
Cultural Children Children are the repository of any society. Believing that the character of the future depend largely on the type of upbringing, training and education children receive. I draw up this piece to show that in planning for the future, culture and values play a crucial role in shaping the desired objectives and aspirations of society; in order to...
ekwuruke Computer Graphics
Cultural Integration. The precious submission has to be repeated foe a better vision.Thankyou very much. Please let me create my own artwork after this submission. Thank you very much
Mulei Drawing, Pastel
A project about intercultural cooperation Greece
aimtg Drawing, Pastel
Cultural Diversity Unlike the western world, the society in the developing world includes some peolpe who believe in large family set up. The woman believes that her child bearing would discourage the husband from polygumy. Some of the children from such a family would be used for child labor, while the girls would serve as a resource for investment purpose on...
Mulei Drawing, Pencil
Cultural Diversity This art work means typical family life style in the slums. Large family lives in a single room.Alife of hand to mouth existance.Poor family ties.Pencil drawing, and water paint.Done by onyango Odiambo 19 years.
Mulei Drawing, Pencil
Cultural Differences Metaphoric way of representing the world torn apart by cultural differences.
Lestatkindred Drawing, Pencil
PERTENCIMENTO CULTURAL Sentimento da turma e relação aos acontecimentos bons que o espaço de aprendizagem gera para os educandos do Espaço Avançar, na comunidade do Bairro da paz.
CDIBahia Drawing, Pencil