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Von King Cultural Arts Center
Cultural Expressions Around The World Over 25,000 highschool students from across Ontario attended the Youth Empowerment Event held at the Skydome on Thursday April 5., a not-for-profit youth online organization, was one of the outstanding volunteer associations and booths at the event. Submissions from a contest the showcase team developed, entitled...

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A project about intercultural cooperation Greece
aimtg Drawing, Pastel
Cultural (R)Evolution China past and present.
Franziska Photography, Black and White
Cultural Appreciation This piece shows the rich cultural heritage of the Scottish people. For me it means an appreciation of culture.
patsibo Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Cultural Attan Dance Connecting the people Attan is cultural Dance ( which are connecting the people and realizing their self belonging as a nation
Tags: Attan, Ismail Swati, dance, culture
ismailswati Painting
Cultural Beliefs In this home, the whole family had died of AIDS. The first one who was sick they called inyangla (witch doctor) and he used one razor ukubagcaba (Zulu way of inoculation/protecting oneself by making little cuts on the skin and inserting medicine). So the whole family was infected. But they believed that they have been bewitched. And they...
Photography, Colour
Cultural Children Children are the repository of any society. Believing that the character of the future depend largely on the type of upbringing, training and education children receive. I draw up this piece to show that in planning for the future, culture and values play a crucial role in shaping the desired objectives and aspirations of society; in order to...
ekwuruke Computer Graphics
cultural dancer this painting is about the Nigerian culture, it signifies the beauty of our culture and the curvy lines signify the unity of her people.
Tags: cultural dancer
shonderaphael Painting
Cultural Demonstration More than 300 urban farmers whose families depend on the food they grow are being threatened with eviction so the property owner can develop the land. Please visit for information on how you can help.
epiphyte Photography, Colour
Cultural Differences Metaphoric way of representing the world torn apart by cultural differences.
Lestatkindred Drawing, Pencil
Cultural Diversity By Melisa Dacik Rich cultural heritage and good prospects for the future.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated