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Submissions (73)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Elgon Dance Troupe Equality taking place.
ELGON 3D Graphics
Elgon Dance Troupe Dancing for the future.
ELGON 3D Graphics
I'm A Disco Dancer
Petrovich Computer Graphics
Kenya Dance I made this picture for children in Kenya. I was inspired by two friends I met on TIG(takingitglobal). who live there.
clarita Computer Graphics
Tig Dance A fun picture. I was dreaming how it would be if I could all walk into a big dance hall and dance with all my tig friends.
clarita Computer Graphics
Luisa13 Holography
elated Dawing,pen on paper
Tags: sport, move, dance, draw
pazwin Ink, Pen
Autumn Leaves Dance with Death
duj Mixed Media
Dance to Music Africa a home of Dance and music, the continent of rythemical madness, yet a home full of love
Tags: africa, art
clementafrica Mixed Media
Zoom Dance Class Because of zoom dance lessons I have my mom playing with me Grease, when she started dancing as Danny Zuko I couldn´t believe it, I just think about how fun was that day together , I want to repeat the experience!!
YouthMedia Mixed Media