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Submissions (73)

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cultural dancer this painting is about the Nigerian culture, it signifies the beauty of our culture and the curvy lines signify the unity of her people.
Tags: cultural dancer
shonderaphael Painting
Dance in Moonlight Beneath the full moon of the Harvest Season, Virgins Danced and Played by the shores of time. This piece is sculpted out of oil giving a differant consistancy to textures and adding an element of additional shading created by this action.
SABO Painting, Oil
sahacaan Painting
sahacaan Painting
Colombian Dancers with Flag Colombian dance group with thier flag at the cafe Tuesday afternoon
jperabo Photography, Colour
Colombian Dancer Colombian dance presentation at University Cafe for WYD.
jenhompoth Photography, Colour
Colombian Dancers
blaisemac Photography, Colour
Kenyan Dance Group A Group From Kenya Keeps the Energy high well into the night.
kjwalsh Photography, Colour
Autumn Leaves Dance with Death
duj Mixed Media
sahacaan Painting