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Armenian Dancing At the multicultural festival, a group of Armenian students dance the Sepastia Bar a traditional dance that has been pasted from generation to generation. <a href="">more about Armenia</a>
reggie Photography, Colour
Breakdancing in Hazelton, BC.
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
dancing fine art photography
Tags: dance, balet, photo
DanAndrei Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Dancing Dancing can be a beautiful language that breaks the barrier of spoken language. Each body movement when executed represents a powerful message that can help the viewers understand the culture of a community. Here
reggie Photography, Colour
Dancing Platalea minor Xiao Lu肖璐
sharklin Computer Graphics
Dancing at University Day
blaisemac Photography, Colour
Dancing By Twilight Dancing barefoot in a field of daisies at twilight, come celebrate that simply sweet essence of motherhood that fulfills our hearts as only the bond between a mother and daughter can... In a medley of pink, pink and... pink!
peanutbutterkidz Painting, Acrylic
Dancing Daze Happy!<br /> -blue pencil and Photoshop...
Ossa Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Dancing for Joy This photo depicts the teens in the Live and Learn in Kenya Int. Girl's Club. These girls dance for joy and show their vitality in movement. We are proud of them and of their dignity.
Brique Photography, Colour
Dancing Ghosts The miracle of the winter ball.
sofya Photography, Colour