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Submissions (40)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
EVERdark A wallpaper that I started and didn't complete. I still have the .psd, so I may yet finish it.
Spadrick Computer Graphics
Dark Angel This was done on paint, I drew out the design and then created lines in Black, grey and white to create contrast.
Jenniartist Computer Graphics
Dragon in the dark sky I love dragons, i have always drawn these creatures but this was done on the computor, so i didnt realy draw it but oh well it still looks cool...
vixster666 Computer Graphics
TheDarkSide "TheDarkSide"..Sometimes the eyes seduce. ..Sometimes they stare straight at the kind of sights most people turn away from... But there is'nt blazing neon and searing rays of sun ..she can’t see the man who is watching her..She is the one. .and alone.. . .Is she searching for a weapon.??!
brighteyes999 Computer Graphics
Darkest Hour
Sabbath44 Computer Graphics
In the Dark Chalk sketch of skeletons in the night.
kenny22 Drawing, Chalk
Dark Flower
Sarah_Pearl Drawing, Charcoal
Midnight Beauty This portrait is a play on the beauty that sometimes arises out of shadows and darkness. The dark atmosphere serves to emphasize the light in her. The very same darkness and shadow can have many interpretations...
Tags: portrait, woman, midnight, dark
cosmoanu87 Drawing, Charcoal
" A dark day to remember" In May, 2009;The people of Gbaramatu kingdom woke up in the wee hours of the morning to military invasion of their peaceful fishing settlements and villages,leaving innocent men,women and children including these ones captured in this painting displaced and orphaned without hope of survival.To those that survived it became the darkest day of...
judekrane Drawing, Pastel
Dark Vulture This is the very first dark drawing, afterwards, it became an opsession for me. Dark Vulture :)
DarkVulture Drawing, Pencil