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Amy's Borneo campaign to help great apes I was interviewed by an Australian Newspaper, detailing the project and what is going on in Borneo and the desperate situation of the orangutans and forests there. 9/3/11
Tags: orangutans, forests, deforestation, deforesaction, borneo, palm oil, takingitglobal
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Amy's Video has the Bad Oil An article on page 11 of 'The Advertiser' newspaper on 4 April 2011 regarding the destruction behind palm oil plantations and DeforestAction's plan to stop it.
Tags: palm oil, orangutans, deforestaction, borneo, environment, sustainable, forests, deforestation, labelling, project borneo, food
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Are you busy in converting oxygen to carbondioxide? The present world is mainly destroying because of Carbondioxide. We are cutting trees and inversely Carbondioxide is killing us.
Tags: pollution, air, deforestation
khadeza21 Painting, Watercolour
Contrasting worlds This shows how the forests are changing within no time, there are no more trees
Tags: forests, trees, deforestation
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil
travelbug Photography, Colour
Tags: art for sale
barun58 Photography, Colour
Deforestation Artist(s): Shiva Kumar Organization: Mother Teresa Rural Development Description: Deforestation is the permanent destruction of indigenous forests and woodlands. The term does not include the removal of industrial forests such as plantations of gums or pines. Deforestation has resulted in the reduction of indigenous forests to four-fifths of...
ayv Photography, Colour
DEFORESTATION The little girl wants to bring out the concept of how we hurt nature when we cut down trees.
Tags: trees, cut stumps, logs
marygabriel Drawing, Crayon
DEFORESTATION We cant keep cutting down our trees....Stop Deforestation
marygabriel Drawing, Pencil-crayon
marygabriel Mixed Media