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Rainforest Destruction

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Global Warming Global Melting My work mainly describes Africa and Europe. Even though they are different continents, they are both suffering from global warming.
Tags: climate change, global warming, earth, melting, art, destruction
ckarsgaard Drawing, Pencil-crayon
What we are doing? I reimagined my 'characters' as human (female) faces since we are the main cause of the mess we live in. On the left, I expressed our 'before' - what our environment looked like, and on the right, I expressed our 'becoming' - what our environment is turning to. We can see the division of the bright, vibrant colors and the dark, dull as a sign...
Tags: environment, nature, climate change, earth, green, life, destruction, art, #savetheplanet, #actnow
ckarsgaard Markers
1 Breath Time to stop the crawling wall of destruction Into this yet another demonstration against the crawling wall of destruction, brings Emilio Mogilner, the founder of 1-Breath-Time painting and social-philosophy movement a powerful and artistic sense of urgency to our need to stop the wall, the madness, the carelessness, the apathy
Eylon Painting
Knowledge is destruction Books are made from wood which in return destroy the environment. The search for knowledge to conserve or aid the environment will in time be its destruction.
Haffendi Photography, Black and White
Destruction apparatus A photo I took at a construction site.
Haffendi Photography, Black and White
Destruction is all what they offer us I don't think they came to offer us freedom,democracy or whatever they're claiming... Destruction is the only thing they're offering
yarinos Cartoons
Cost of destruction This is the Palpa Palace which was destryed by the CPN Maoist two years ago.
csgopi Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Destruction This picture is about a destroyed school that was once a Technology University.
Liamjod Photography, Colour
Stop the Destruction This piece was created through the AYV program at the Ellis School. This project was an awareness campaign about fracking.
ayv Mixed Media
St Jude School - Destruction We've destroyed everything
Tags: jungle, green, nature, ecological, recycle, protect, animals, pollution, colonization
JuanCrbone Painting