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Submissions (12)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Dew on Lilly This ink picture was made by using only ink dots.
Tags: flower, lilly
zghannawi Ink, Pen
Magasin KaDeWe Magasin KaDeWe, Oil on Canvas, 27,6x39,4 inch, 1994, 1990 Euro.
Tags: jewish life, stores, magasin kadewe, realisme, germany, urban architecture, oil on canvas
heiste Painting, Oil
Morning After a Night at the Dew Drop Inn Consequenses of alcohalism and the sexual exploitation of woman as one of the results.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Rose by Rose Again, beautiful day for photography.
Tags: rose, raindrops, dew, photography
ChelseaRoses Photography, Colour
Sidewalk in bLuE
Karis Photography, Digitally Manipulated