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World differences This picture displays the good and evil temptations of the world.

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Differences Between Education in Africa and Canada
Mixed Media
differences i made this on artrage
buca15 Computer Graphics
Cultural Differences Metaphoric way of representing the world torn apart by cultural differences.
Lestatkindred Drawing, Pencil
Pinwheels for Peace We had to create ‘Pinwheels for Peace’ at our school, and we were asked to draw on one side of the pinwheel what we thought peace looked like and on the other side we were to write out words that described what peace meant to us. My art represents all the countries together on surrounded by the harmony and nature of the ‘Mother Earth’.
Tags: peace, equality, earth, issues, culture, world, differences, together, bond, sara minaeian, nature, environment, mother earth
saramina Drawing, Pencil-crayon