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Submissions (26)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Dinner Parade Digital Still from my film Dinner Parade
Tags: eating, darwinism, corporation, human rights, marxism, consuming
gilliancole Computer Graphics
Dinner Parade Trailer Grad Film Trailer for Emily Carr University 2009 by Gillian Cole - will submit full film but cannot post full film online yet.
Tags: gillian cole, dinner parade, eating, consumption, religion, marxist, evolution, devour, devouring
gilliancole Mixed Media
Is this my dinner? It was a perfect day to have a picnic and the local squirels in the park were already having their own. This little guy was the most special. He came closest to me and allowing me this photo opt. Taken with the megxon c480 digital camera.
PinchMe Photography, Colour
dinner here we should give equal rights to powerful and lower class peoples
sospeterson Painting, Oil
jenergy Photography, Black and White
Dinner Party
gundy93 Painting, Acrylic
What is For Dinner? It’s the right to the arts of every thing in South Africa.
wahooe Photography, Colour
Dinner Sellers during a dinner
arturkazazian Photography, Black and White
Dinner Sellers of water-melons
mariabadikova Photography, Colour
Having a dinner
Lesunchik Photography, Colour