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PABLIC ART-SPRINGS ART-FREAK ART. This became extremely interesting. One thing I'll just point out to you is that the protein shells of all the viruses turned out to be all geodesic structured, and all on the icosahedron because the icosahedron gives you the most volume with the least energy quanta to give you the greatest strength. So the virus shells are incredibly strong...

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JURI Cartoons
JURI Cartoons
JURI Computer Graphics
spiral-technology, shell of the spring in the form drop houses. Novelty project- use local material available; the moss, fabrics insulator heats 3D polyethylene, sheets of the veneer, and packing frame of the metal of the steel wire was formed on base of the structure gene and DNA. The Surface of the building was going to minus welding and minus drill. Portable frame-based like gene,...
JURI Computer Graphics
save the last DROP! The water below represents virtually all the water in the world, but some segment has been rendered unusable (unsafe, undrinkable) as a result of the dumping of pollutants into it. The drop falling from above represents the only source of fresh water to the world, but it may also be exposed to the similar harmful human activities towards the...
Tags: water, environment
franhil Computer Graphics
A Water Drop just a drop of water
jeevakarunya Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Morning After a Night at the Dew Drop Inn Consequenses of alcohalism and the sexual exploitation of woman as one of the results.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Every Drop Counts Suncity School, India. Art to spread awareness on water conservation
Tags: save water, climate change, Suncity School, india, global warming, save earth
clannapurna Mixed Media
Drop of Hope Drops like people, one drop can not help thirsty person, but a lot of drops make lakes, rivers, seas, oceans. So when people are together they can change their life.
sklad Painting
Tree Drop
WildFlower Painting