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Landscapes Oil paintings with theme: landscape
landscapes All these paintings belong to the city of Huancayo in Perú.
Landscape Brainstorming my childhood I find myself flying over landscapes, retriving memories and emotions from what might had been forgoten. It's always a start to boost criativity.

Submissions (59)

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Canadian Landscape Taken over the sky of Lake Manitouwabing in Ontario, Canada (Latitude: 45 29', Longitude: 79 54') as a few clouds rolled through, this High Dymanic Range (HDR) image encompass what the Great Canadian North is all about. -- Lake Manitouwabing is a sprawling, many bayed lake on the North Branch of the Seguin River. It is essentially shallow with...
RobertM Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Landscape of Canada
elena Computer Graphics
amanda Painting
Sunset Landscape 'Inspired to paint the watercolour piece because of the beautiful sunset photo on the left' -VL
lavittoria Painting, Watercolour
Blue Bushes Landscape 'Watercolour landscape inspired by the landscape photo above.' -VL
lavittoria Painting, Watercolour
Lake Erie - Cloudscape - Ontario, Canada, July 2002 This vertical panoramic shot was taken from <a href="" target="_blank">Breslin's</a> beach house looking out across Lake Erie in Ontario, August 2002. It consists of 5 portrait images sewn together in vertical sections.
Jarra Photography, Colour
Body/Light/Landscape I created this as a response to the following objectives:<br /> <br /> Body /Landscape/Space<br /> Consider the body as any/all of the following: natural, social, built, organizational. The experience of the body as landscape can be diverse and embedded in various contexts whether spatial, temporal, cultural, historical, conceptual,...
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
A landscape A landscape from Rawalpindi, Islamabad
awaqeel Drawing, Crayon
Landscape I love painting landscape and nature. Done in water colours.
Maitreyi Painting, Watercolour
African Women and Landscape This was a painting I gave as a present to someone. I was experimenting with the proportions that you find in nature, of one part being one and half times that of the other, in the composition. Oil painting, 45cm by 37cm
camilla Painting, Oil