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Submissions (21)

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~Tourist Cruise, Dubai Creek ~ Take an evening dinner cruise on a traditional dhow along the Dubai Creek on your visit to the United Arab Emirates.
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
Dubai Fish Roundabout By Night A major traffic intersection in Dubai.
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
Horse of Dubai
kirstenjordan Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Dubai, the City one should Miss Attraction of Dubai
Tags: dubai attractions
AtikaQuraishi Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Dow in Creek of Dubai
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
~Dubai ClockTower~ The Clock Tower has long been one of the most distingushable features of the city..the Clock Tower is a collusion of modern and traditional architecture...only seven minutes away from Dubai International Airport..
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
~Dubai Tourist Travel Information Centre~
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
Youth in Dubai Planted 111 Ghaf trees Simran Vedvyas leads SynergY and its members to plant 111 Ghaf Trees Native and Indigenous to UAE in October 2013
Tags: simran vedvyas, give a ghaf, uae, dubai, india
simvedvyas Photography, Colour
Envoy on Youth Ahmed encourages Youth Simran Vedvyas At Youth Assembly United NAtions 2013 August
Tags: simran vedvyas, dubai, uae, india, envoy on youth
simvedvyas Photography, Colour
Youth Assembly 2013 at United Nationas Simran Vedvyas Attends and presents the work and shares her presentation with 1200 youth attending
Tags: simran vedvyas, uae, dubai
simvedvyas Photography, Colour