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we want freedom Enough is enough we youth now want freedom
Glasgow Caledonian University building visit
The beauty of freedom They are easily, freely, beautiful. I look at them again and again...and every time they impress me of gracefulness

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Freedom & USA Freedom & Democracy! Here it is This! Usa pronunciation to giv as a gift! Freedom!
abdullah- 3D Graphics
Freedom Being aboriginal has always been an important part of my life. I love (and hate) learning about my people's history and am interested in making a change for the better in the reserves.
kranderson 3D Graphics
"Doom" In "Freedom" I used three different colors of lipsticks to color them.
EnnaLiu Collage
Freedom Last year I made this piece (or early this year :P) I was walking in the park and as I walked into the flowerbed path I was greeted by innumerable number of butterflies. All of them orange. When I got home I made this image. I was fascinated by their freedom and beauty.
x6qv25b296b1fd6628 Computer Graphics
In search of feedom
rabikhan91 Computer Graphics
Angel from Macedonia
clarita Computer Graphics
Santal Hul : Freedom struggle The painting is an expression of the liberation movement. The pattern is inspired from the “santal” tribal art. Santal are the indigenous people of India. Hul is a Santal tribe term. It means a movement for liberation. Santal Hul [1855] was one of the fiercest battles in the history of Indian freedom struggles causing greatest number of loss...
jamal Computer Graphics
Macedonia Angel One of the global angels we are fortunate to have in this world.
clarita Computer Graphics
Freedom of Speech Charcoal on Paper 2005 Daily charcoal drawing.
ToonDiepstraten Drawing, Charcoal
Freedom of Sexuality Now in some countries and areas, people cannot have freedom of choosing sexuality. In this picture, there are two guys hand in hand. It's the simple of homosexual to represent those who want to be with their true lover but can't.
DongEmily Drawing, Pencil